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PROFESSIONAL ENTERTAINMENT SERVICES as a Vocalist, Actress, Dancer, Artistic Director for all types of Adult and Kids shows, Producer, International and National Entertainer, Musical Theatre Lead Roles, Corporate functions, Events, Recording Artist, Backing Vocalist , Session and Band work, Weddings, Funerals, Christenings, Birthday celebrations including all special occasions, workshop camp, Senior dance classes, Event co-ordinator, Tv presenter, Host, Beauty Treatments and Facials including massages  ( Mary Kay Products / Beauty Specialist )


Sept 24th 2006

By Judy Thornburn, Las Vegas Happenings
Luxor Theatre
Australian born singer, exotic and beautiful Rebecca Verrier

October 14th 2006
Las Vegas Weekly
Rebecca Verrier is powerhouse

July 13th 2007
By Jennie Fitzhardinge, Sunday Times Perth Now
Regal Theatre
Rebecca Verrier still managed to steal the show with a voice that
recalls the likes of Aretha Franklin and Tina Turner.

June 2nd 2007
By Terry Byrne, Boston Globe
Citi Performing Arts Centre, Wang Theatre
Rebecca Verrier also changes the focus with hers singing. Verrier turnsespecially soulful with a sexy version of soft cell's "Tainted Love"that puts her right in the midst of dancing and a version of "ProudMary" that would make Ike and Tina Turner Proud.

May 27th 2007
By Tresca Weinstein, Times Union Albany
Proctor's Theatre, 432 State st Schenectady
Headbobbing soundtrack of pop songs belted out by chameleonic Rebecca Verrier, whochannels Tina Turner, Aretha Franklin and Etta James with gusto.

May 9th 2007
By Steven Berketo, Toronto
Raspy voiced songstress Rebecca Verrier belting out soft cell's tainted love. Sultry and saucy are two words to describe the moment pure ecstasy are a couple more.

August 08 2007
By Brian Jones, DANZ Aotearoa NZ
Rebecca Verrier provides some powerful vocals......

October 22nd 2006
Personal Emails from audience members
By Susan Wilson, Las Vegas
Your new vocalist is interpreted as a natural jazz / soul talent. You can'tmake up a gift like that -it has to be organically grown. The depth ofinterpretation of each song was a surprise from such young talent andyou sense her blossoming before your eyes into a masterful stagepresence.

January 15th 1997
Exclusive Acts, Six Pack Promotions
Young new talent who sings both in French and English.
By Phillip.Wood A special mention in a review Sydney Morning Herald.
Rood Screen. By Donna Abella.
Some excellent individual performances prevailed ,in particular that ofRebecca.Verriers who played Mary and was outstanding at adopting asoftness,tranqulity and poise both in vocal technique andphysicality-suitable and complimentary of her fantastic character.