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DT Performing Arts in Private Lessons by Miss Rebecca. Verrier

DT stands for " Diving Timing".

Be the star's of tomorrow at DT Performing Arts in Private lessons.
If you are longing to perform, learn, build your confidence and enjoy singing, dancing and acting in a fun and professional environment whether be in a private lesson or group class...DT Performing Arts is for you.



Our DT vocal coaches specialise in bringing out your absolute best. Whether you’re an up and coming Super star, jazz fan, rock, pop, rap, soul, folk, country, alternative... You name it, we discover it with the uniqueness of one's voice.

Dt also teaches each student the gift of performance skills at the level of the student and age, story telling through song is vital at Dt, microphone technique is also included for many upcoming performance opportunities throughout the year. ( Optional)

Dt increases a performer’s versatility in vocal technique through the lessons of breath, tone, pitch and rhythm to captivate an audience through dynamic vocal abilities in tones, expressions and storytelling.

Eisteiddfods and performances are optional within a 1-2 years of training.



Take the ride of exploring many drama skills for all ages, in voice, improvisational skills through fun group drama games, musical theatre , meisner technique, onstage screen script wk for film & live theatre, public speaking and discovering a point of view.

DT's acting classes is definitely for the curious, confident and shy beginner to the young artist seeking pre-professional acting training.



DT Tiny tot Bee Bop Class and Junior classes is a class combining dance lessons in funk, jazz, ballet, tap, singing, drama, music and movement into a fun one-hour lesson from the tender age of 3yrs to 8years.
The first few years for your child’s first steps in performing with Dt's artistic director Ms Rebecca, can be assured that she will bring out their talent, self-esteem, and love of performing. Our lessons include introductions to feet and arm positions, as well as centre and cross floor exercises & Dt specialise's in performances, so moving in a routine and working together as a group is a big highlight for all parents to view in a live performance or at the end of each term.

Dt also has a focus on self-expression, interpretation, confidence as our little showstoppers use different dance moves or notes through a beautiful behaviour such as happy.

We sometimes bring out musical instruments & props such as wands or sunglasses, hats or fairy wings to create a character to different styles of music.

These classes are so popular that most students branch into our primary and highschool classes which is group song & dance class.



Dt's song and dance show-group is very similar to group of kids from the smashing tv series of Glee.



Fun classes are available for all levels and taught at Quakers hill community centre on Mondays by Mr Klien Hicks, who was the 4th runner up on the first Tv  series of " So You think you can dance."

Hip-hop dance refers to street dance styles primarily performed to hip-hop music . It includes a wide range of styles primarily breaking, locking, and popping which were create commercial, studio-based version of hip-hop—sometimes called "new style"—and a hip-hop influenced style of jazz dance called "jazz-funk". 

These classes will also bring in the style of contemporary for senior classes, only by popular demand.



DT has a 1 hr class on a Weds at 5.30-6.30pm, taught by Ms Karen.Griffin.

Everyone from complete beginner to advanced practitioner is welcome.

This is a great way to start your yoga practice! No previous experience of yoga is required.

Each posture has a simple version and a more complex version enabling you to vary the level of intensity to suit your level.

Emphasis is on relaxation, correct breathing and flow, while aligning the body for yoga practice which will increase your strength, flexibility, and confidence and stress.



Rebecca Verrier’s credits are endless when it comes to the entertainment industry, she was the lead vocalist for Burn The Floor world tour and received amazing international reviews for her powerhouse voice & performances.

She is a teacher who has a gift to share her knowledge, build your talent and growth no matter what path you are searching for.

All her students have been successful in just 6 years of establishing this unique "DT Performing Arts School".Don't miss out on discovering more about YOU!

Ms Bec:I have been blessed to live out some of my dreams and currently still be a sole trader in the Performing Arts industry for many years and if i can give back a little spark of encouragement, inspiration, wisdom, confidence and lessons of truth i have gained on and off the world stage, my students will be armed with heart and truth no matter what they commit to.I know all of my Dt classes will be enjoyable at all levels which will be a life changing, fun and memorable experience for anyone who commits with passion.




Student : Hannah Aouchan , 6-10 years- still currently training at DT

I love Miss Rebecca, she never lies about performing.She is funny and know's so much about making a song into a story.I entered my first eisteddfod and came 1st in just 2 years of training.

I'm glad i never gave up and sometimes i never want our lessons to end.


Student:Nikki Sperink 15-17yrs

Ms Bec is incredibly talented, she really gets pumped when you reach a goal in her lessons. I've never met a teacher who truly goes outside of the lesson to discover youShe has help me to gain technique and i have confidence that i love.


Student:Veronica Lesenco 16-18 years DT Lessons.

I could write an essay about Ms Bec, she is what she is. A born star but still such an amazing person and teacher. I am now studying at Village Performing Arts fultime and i know i'm in due to her professionalism and truth.


Student:Jacob.Aouchan 9-14years still current.

I was totally shy in the 1st year. I use to sit in a corner.

Secretly i was hooked and now i'm so different. She casted me last year in a main role & pushed me to stop stuttering with my lines.Plus I can't believe i was close to getting the people's choice award for our end of the year concert.Dt has improved me in every way.It's a cool place, thanks to the best teacher in the world. She is a classic!!!!

Come and study like the stars 

Do you want to perform?Discover You? Build confidence, self-esteem and over come your fears.

If you are dreaming to be the next Taylor Swift, Selina Gomez ,Justin Bieber or wanting to pursue confidence? Be an actor? Be a singer? Join a Glee or High school Musical clan?

Make lasting friendships or become more skilled in performing Arts?

DT Private lessons in performinng Arts is for you.

It caters for all ages.The sky has no limits.


What makes this private school different?

Is the quality of its tuition,the individuality of its students and the philosophy underlying its course direction which is always truthful work from the heart.


Competitions,Talent quest, Eisteddfods, Blacktown Parade, Royal Easter Show, Westmead Children Hospital Show for the sick Children at Westmead Hospital
1 Mid-Year concert for Charity and for parents to see the growth of what the student has been learning in class
1 Annual Concert with Trophie presentation including an industry judge to select 1 outstanding actor, vocalist and dancer alongside a peoples vote.
Performances are optional yet highly recommended. It truly allows the students to experience the platform of performing outside of a classroom & defines the growth in all of our Dt lessons.
Dt runs in the school holidays except for Christmas break and holds industry workshops.
Dt invites Exciting Guest Master Teachers,who are working in the industry such as Dj's, Jugglers, Vocal Artist, Comediens, Actors & Performers to teach a specialised workshop for Dt, normally throughout the school Holidays.


Breakthrough Musical
"Breakthrough musical" has been a hit performance with a twist of the hit sitcom Glee/Grease with a flavour of its own comedy, real life drama queen characters from the ages of 6 - 18yrs of age, showstopper tunes by a multicultural squad of High school talented students who are never going to forget detention by their charismatic and crazy "D T principal."


It's not what you know, or who you know...It's what you do in being you.

For further info on classes, timetables and price list for 2015

Send an email to info@rebecca-verrier.com or contact Rebecca on 0430104539